Satellite Navigation

Business Overview

  • Development and manufacturing of Multi-GNSS receivers applicable to applications in missions in which navigation has a critical impact, e.g., national defense, autonomous driving, satellite launch vehicles, and UAM
  • Development of navigation signal generators e.g., codes and message generators/time synchronizers for navigation satellite payloads
  • Development of user segment equipments for KPS


Core Competitiveness

  • Signal processing and navigation algorithms for all GNSS including GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BDS, etc.
  • Signal processing algorithms and hardware design technologes suitable for various operating environments such as high speed, high acceleration, high altitude, high impact resistance, and rotation.
  • Implementation of flexible signal processing algorithms based on FPGA and ASIC development capabilities
  • Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) technology to ensure navigational integrity
  • Anti-jamming/Anti-spoofing technology available
  • A development environment based on Software Defined Radio (SDR)
  • A GPU-based SDR multi-GNSS receiver platform with real-time capabilities


Business Status

  • Development of user segment equipments for Korea Positioning System (KPS)
  • Space Pioneer Program for space core technology development


ProductsㆍParticipation Project

Products Participation Project
Software Defined Radio (SDR) GNSS Solution Provision of SDR Solution Capable of Real-time Prcessing over 3000 channels of Satellite Navigation Signals Simultaneously
MGR(Multi-GNSS Receiver) Design and Development of Hardware Receiver Capable of Receiving/Processing All Existing GNSS Signals
TSU(Time Synchronization Unit) Design and Development of Engineering Model (EM) for Time Synchronization Unit (TSU)
MDU(Mission Data Unit) Design and Development of Development Model (DM) for Navigation Payload Mission Data Unit (MDU)


  • GNSS signal processing algorithm
  • Parallel signal processing algorithm with GPU
  • RAIM(Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring)
  • FPGA-based signal processing algorithm
  • Satellite navigation receiver/transmitter hardware design technology
  • Multi GNSS navigation technology