Integrated Navigation

Business Overview

  • Development and manufacturing of integrated navigation equipment (EGI) that combines satellite navigation equipment, inertial measurement unitt, and various sensors
  • Development and manufacturing of an integrated navigation system that fuses various sensor information to provide accurate position, speed, and attitude information in real time according to the operating environment and concept of manned/unmanned aerial vehicles, land/sea weapon systems, and guided weapons.


Core Competitiveness

  • Various sensor integration technologies and experience e.g., GNSS, IMU, VMS, ADS, Barometer, Magnetometer, etc.
  • System design technology that considers the operating environment, including sensor selection for integrated navigation, sensor fusion filter design, integrated navigation performance evaluation, integrated navigation post-processing, and integrated navigation inspection systems.
  • System design technology and experience to meet a variety of environmental conditions - MIL-STD-810/461/704, IPxx
  • High-performance FPGA-based communication method design technology and experience - UART, SDLC, Ethernet, CAN, 1553B
  • Customized SWaP platform design technology and experience


Business Status

  • EGI development for cargo drones
  • Development of EGI for guided weapons
  • Development of EGI for ground unmanned vehicles


ProductsㆍParticipation Project

Products Participation Project
Compact EGI XND110A UGV, Small-Sized Drones
XND51A UGV, Drones, Guided Weapons
EGI (under development) Aviation EGI Midsize Drones
Anti-Jamming Integrated EGI Tank, Midsize Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


  • GNSS/INS integrated navigation system design technology
  • Extended Kalman Filter sensor fusion technology
  • TI DSP-based integrated navigation solution development technology
  • Sensor selection technology for integrated navigation
  • Integrated navigation performance evaluation technology
  • System design technology considering the operating environment
  • High-performance FPGA-based communication method design technology
  • Customized SWaP platform design technology
  • Integrated navigation post-processing solution technology
  • Integrated navigation inspection system design technology