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Since our establishment in 2001, MICROINFINITY has been leading the domestic civil and defense market in the field of navigation. We have developed MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers, the core sensors of inertial navigation, with purely domestic technology, and have been supplying them for use in various guided missiles, which had so far relied entirely on imports. We are contributing to this continued replacement.

In the field of satellite navigation, we have receiver technology that can respond to various satellite signals, and based on this, we are participating in the Korea Positioing Sysyem(KPS) development project that started in 2023, and have world-class anti-jamming/anti-spoofing solution to respond to radio interference and deception.

High-speed/large-capacity tactical data link devices will be used for real-time mission control and acquisition of situational information in various battle fields.

Furthermore we have not only above technolgy development capability, but also militray and space quilified manufactuing technology and facilities.

We will not be satisfied with being the first and best in Korea, and we promise to continue to increase our global competitiveness through technological development and innovation and to serve as a reliable partner for our customers' needs.

All MICROINFINITY Executives and Staff