Application Software

Business Overview

  • Development of application software for control, monitoring, management, measurement, and analysis according to user needs
  • Development of application software for equipment Status monitoring, video display and data record/playback
  • Database design and implementation for data record and management


Core Competitiveness

  • Experience of development for real-time remote control and monitoring software
  • Processing and visualization technique for real-time data
  • Data processing technique for real-time based middleware
  • Experience in performance test analysis for navigation system and software reliability test analysis for weapon system
  • Analysis and design experience for structured/unstructured data
  • Experience in log database construction and post-analysis software development
  • Experience in customized test scenario and analysis/management GUI development


Business Status

  • Development of general navigation system monitoring software
  • Monitoring software for KPS user segment equipment
  • Radio environment investigation and analysis software development for KPS site surveying
  • Development of inspection equipment software for Inertial Measurement Unit and Integrated Navigation System
  • Development of simulation software for vision-aided navigation system
  • Development of integrated data interface simulation software


ProductsㆍParticipation Project

Products Participation Project
MI Navigation System Monitoring Software
  • Print Received Message Results from Navigation System
  • Control Message Delivery of Navigation System
  • Log Data Conversion
  • Support Various Interfaces
    (UART, Ethernet, SDLC, 1553B)
KPS User System
KPS RF Simulator
Investigation and Analysis Software of Electromagnetic Environment for Korea Positioning System
  • Horizontal Visibility Analysis
  • Radio Interference Signal Measurement and Analysis
  • Multipath Measurement and Analysis
  • Remote Monitoring of Survey Data
KPS Site
Integrated Control System for Quantum Magnetic Field Sensor
  • Displaying Sensor Data
  • FID Measurements and FFT Analysis
  • Dispersion Curve Analysis
  • Magnetic Field Estimation Control and Analysis
OOO Business (QMCS)


  • Processing and visualization technique for real-time data
  • Data processing technique for real-time based middleware
  • Generation and management technique for test automation logic
  • Navigation system monitoring and control
  • Navigation system performance test (static/dynamic)
  • Interference signal measurement and analysis
  • Multipath measurement and analysis
  • Quantum magnetic field sensor measurement and analysis
  • Navigation system inspection and analysis
  • Control and display of Status/video for mission equipment
  • Test progress control and real-time Status monitoring
  • Log database construction and post-analysis technique